Take the Oath

Goodfor20 aims to inspire people to reallocate a portion of their food spending to a direct source for fresh local food.

Take the Oath of Nourishment and start to make the shift:
I [state your name]
Do hereby promise
As long as I need food to survive
To allocated at least $20
Of my weekly grocery spending
To a direct-to-customer source
Such as a farm stand, farmers market, or CSA.

Small commitments can lead to big change.

Once you take the oath, Goodfor20 invites you to document your bounty–a $20 direct-from-farmer purchase–and send it to be@goodfor20.com. Please include a photo with a brief description of what you purchased and where you bought it from. You can also upload your pictures to our Facebook page.


6 responses to “Take the Oath

  1. I shared your information with my group on facebook called cookeattype. There are over 150 members and it focuses on healthy eating and exercise. I speak about supporting local agriculture often. How can I be more involved in what you are doing?

  2. Hello!
    What a great idea. I would love to talk with someone about this project for HandPickedNation.com — maybe you could write up a short article about your philosophy, community, etc? Let me know.

  3. I, too, am sharing your information on my Facebook group fresh.local.tasty. Are you interested in sharing your program with other cities? I am also spearheading an effort to bring vibrant farmers and artists markets to East Texas. I would LOVE to have Good For 20 here. Please! how can I help and how can we participate?

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